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by Maverick Car Service


Hi, My name is Troy.  I have owned and operated Maverick Car Service since 2007.  I expanded my services to offer private tours of the area. I am Maverick Car Service and Maverick Car Service is me.  ​​
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I have been driving passengers around Denver and the mountains professionally since 2005.  From short trips in the city, to long trips to and from Denver International airport all around the Denver metro area and the mountains.

Along my journey I have learned a lot about Denver, Colorado history, legend, and modern life.

Since my arrival to Denver in 1999, last century, I have read history, read local periodicals, visited many of the museums and monuments, walked the city streets, hiked the mountain trails, driven the city and the mountain roads, because that is what I like to do.

I especially love the local history, public art, and the amazing growth Colorado is experiencing today.

I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge that I have gathered over my years living and driving in Denver, Colorado.

So, I’m just a local guy, not a native from birth so I cannot buy the “NATIVE” bumper sticker, sharing my local knowledge and showing people around Denver and the local mountains. So, hop in and let’s take your own private tour.